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Plata online a unei taxe de rezervare va suspenda imediat promovarea activă a proprietății alese de dvs. Proprietatea va rămâne rezervată exclusiv pentru dvs. pentru o perioadă de opt săptămâni, pentru a permite atât cumpărătorului, cât și vânzătorului suficient timp pentru a finaliza transferul.

Vă rugăm să consultați mai jos termenii și condițiile complete.

Prelucrarea tranzacției cu cardul de credit este administrată de Raiffeisen Bank Bulgaria. New Estate Bulgaria Ltd respectă în totalitate cerințele de credit Visa și Mastercard și este aprobată de ambele.

Pentru detalii complete despre procedura de cumpărare, faceți clic pe here.


* Vă rugăm să completați datele dvs. și să faceți clic pe trimitere. Veți fi redirectionat către o pagină a plății securizată Raiffeisen Bank, unde puteți finaliza plata. Suma afișată va fi în BGL / Leva bulgară, dar vi se va percepe 2000 EURO.


*Numărul SV2 reprezintă ultimele trei cifre ale numărului de pe spatele cardului.


Payment Terms & Conditions

Use of our online payment facility on this website indicates acceptance of the following terms and conditions. These may be revised and update from time to time, any changes will be effective immediately.


The Agent: New Estate Bulgaria Ltd and affiliated parties

The Owner: Individual private owners of properties listed on

The Property: The property described, depicted and advertised for sale on

The Buyer: The party making payment using this payment system

All payments are subject to the following conditions:

Purpose of payment:

  • Payment of funds via this online payment system constitutes a reservation fee to suspend our marketing of The Property throughout our network and those of affiliated parties, to mark the offer as ‘reserved’ or ‘under offer’ throughout our marketing, to inform The Owner immediately of The Buyer’s willingness to purchase, to suspend discussions with other buyers and refrain from entertaining any further offers. The Buyer’s payment is to be made with, and is accepted by The Agent, as a clear indication of The Buyer’s commitment and direct intention to complete the purchase of The Property (notwithstanding conveyancing, sundry costs and balance payment) within either eight weeks or within the timeframe subsequently agreed between The Buyer and The Agent.


  • The Agent accepts and confirms that payment of funds from The Buyer via this payment system will, upon completion of the purchase (within either eight weeks or within the timeframe subsequently agreed between The Buyer and The Agent), contribute to and form part of the due balance of The Property. At no point is payment to us via this payment system to be considered additional to the agreed price of the property or payment of service fees provided by The Agent.

General Terms:

  • All fees quoted are in EUROS. Any currency conversion costs or other charges or costs incurred by The Buyer when making a payment or in processing a refund, shall be borne by The Buyer.
  • The Agent does not accept liability for any payment that fails to be applied to a specific property due to The Buyer quoting an incorrect reference number, incorrect personal details or failing to pay the full amount. Neither can The Agent accept liability if payment is refused or declined by the credit/debit card supplier for any reason.
  • If the card supplier declines payment The Agent is under no obligation to bring this fact to The Buyer’s attention. The Buyer should check with its bank/credit/debit card supplier that payment has been deducted from their account.
  • Every effort is made to keep the online payment facility running at all times. However, The Agent takes no responsibility for and will not be liable for the online payment facility being temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.

Description and Depiction disclaimer:

Upon use of this online payment system The Buyer accepts that the current condition of The Property might vary from the images depicted and description stated as per the below.

  • The photographic depiction of The Property or any property appearing on this website is entirely accurate upon the moment of its listing and publication. Since photography was undertaken the passage of time may have impacted the current state of and the current appearance of The Property in ways such as, but not limited to; seasonal changes, weather variations, cleanliness, additional third-party construction in areas visible from The Property, general wear and tear, growth of and maintenance of plant-life in grassed, garden or communal areas.


  • The description of The Property and its key credentials such as, but not limited to, gross size and annual maintenance fees have been supplied to us by third party private owners (The Owner). Whilst The Agent is committed to accuracy and makes every effort to ensure details are absolutely correct, The Agent does not guarantee the accuracy of this information and offers no assurances that the details published are an exact representation of the ownership as per the title deeds. If The Buyer is concerned with confirmation of exact details and credentials, they must make direct enquiries to The Agent before making payment online.


Refund Policy:

Refunds will be made within 7 working days to The Buyer only when one or more of the following conditions have occurred within eight weeks of the online payment, or within the timeframe subsequently agreed between yourself and The Agent, whichever is longer:

  • The Owner of The Property fails to provide all essential documentation required by the notary for your purchase and transfer of the title of The Property.*
  • The Owner of The Property fails to provide valid bank account details for your balance payment.
  • The Property has been damaged and not repaired / returned to original condition.
  • The Owner fails to sign transfer paperwork or changes their decision to sell for any reason whatsoever.

*Any extra documentation not required by Bulgarian law / by the Bulgarian notary that has been requested additionally by yourself, your legal representative or your lending bank does not constitute ‘essential documentation’ and failure of its provision by The Agent or The Owner will not qualify for a refund.  

The Agent reserves the right to refund you at any time if they so wish for any reason whatsoever.

First hand inspection of property:

The Buyer has the opportunity to visit and inspect The Property before making any payment. If The Buyer has chosen to not view The Property first-hand and is making an online payment via this payment system, The Buyer agrees to waive their right to inspect The Property before making payment and unless any of the three aforementioned ‘refund policy’ criteria occur, no refund is due to The Buyer.

Please note that The Buyer’s inspection of any property, complex, local area or the region is entirely The Buyer’s responsibility, The Buyer is fully liable for conducting full and proper research to support the decision to complete a purchase or accept loss of any payment towards a purchase via this payment system if ‘refund policy’ criteria are not met. The Agent in no way represents any offer or opportunity beyond the physical boundary of any individual property, as advertised and as per these terms. The Buyer’s subsequent personal dislike, understanding or realisation of The Property, the complex it is within, the local area or a region as a whole in no way qualifies The Buyer for a refund.

Applicable Law:

This payment system is provided and operated by Raiffeisen Bank under agreement with New Estate Bulgaria Ltd, Registration № 4220164247, BULSTAT № 131518579, an authorised merchant for Visa. The law of the Republic of Bulgaria applies exclusively.