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Nessebar can be unquestionably labeled as the pearl of the Bulgarian seaside; a small town situated 30 km north of the district capital, Bourgas. Generally it is known in two parts, The Old Nessebar and the New Town of Nessebar.


The Old Town is a unique place and is more accurately described as open museum rather than a residential settlement.  Old Nessebar is perfectly isolated on an outcrop connected to the main land by a spit, at the other end of which is New Nessebar. The Old Town has some 40 Christian churches built during the apogee of Byzantium Empire, it is part of the world heritage program protected by UNESCO and is a cultural magnet attracting thousands of tourists every year.


The New Town is a new settlement formed over the last 50 years or so.  Due to an active development of the area over the last 10 years The New Town of Nessebar is vertaully connected to the growing resort of Sunny Beach and together with the adjacent Ravda, St Vlas and Elenite it forms a residential conglomerate.

New Estate has recently filmed a presentational video about the area of Nessebar and sunny beach. It can be viewed here.

If would like to sell property in Nessebar please contact us or fill in the valuation request form. If you are interested in buying property in Nessebar please have a look at the listings below.

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