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Bansko is the most famous ski resort in Bulgaria. Located in the southwestern part of the country, at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, near Razlog, Bansko offers spectacular mountain views and rich greenery.


Situated 150 km from Sofia and accessible via a new motorway, Bansko can be reached within 2 hours of landing at Sofia’s international airport. Sitting at 927 m above sea level, the resort uses a 2km high capacity gondola that transports skiers and hikers into the mountains. Often warmer in the town than on the slopes, it helps take the edge off the harsh Balkan winter when returning from a long day on the slopes.


Bansko is a four season resort; predominately skiing by winter and everything else in the summer, from hunting and fishing, to golf or spa. With 94km of ski slopes, two of which are black rated, whether you are a novice or a professional, every skier will find their level off slope in Bansko.

A few complexes offer ski in and ski out facilities, but generally most are nestled in the town or around the gondola and a single ski track leads skiers back down from the slopes. At the beginning and end of the season these is kept open with the help of 40 snow cannons, as such even in April when the sun is hot, there is always sufficient snow at the lower levels of the town.


Every complex offers a shuttle bus service to the golf course and the town. Taxis are possible too, but generally the shuttle buses are the easiest and cheapest route for everyone by day or night, generally about 2 BGN (1 Euro) per person.


Bansko has historically been the homeland of many different nationalities over the centuries from the Thracians to the Slavs and Byzantines. Each of them left a their impression on the town and today we have a marvellous historical inheritance. Divided into two parts – The Old town and The New town, Bansko offers a unique mixture of tradition and modernity; ultra modern nightclubs can be found next to the best traditional mountain cuisine and museums. This blend enables the comfort of modern design and architecture along with the pleasurable sights of the cobbled streets and smell of wood burning stoves.


Property owners will find the market divided into three zones: “Old town”, “by the gondola” and “golf course”, and those whishing to buy or sell Bansko property will fall into one of these categories.


If you would like to rent or buy property in Bansko please have a look at the selection below or contact us.
If you would like to let or sell property in Bansko please fill in our valuation request from here and one of our brokers will contact you.

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