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Located in the north-eastern part of Bulgaria, Albena is well-known as “The Spring Valley”. The name was given to the area by the Thracians. The resort is situated 8 km from Baltchik, 30 km from Dobrich and Varna and boasts one of the best sandy beaches in Bulgaria. The beach has impressive measurements- 5 km long and 150 m wide and has won the prestigious “Blue flag” multiple times.


Furthermore Albena is virtually planted in the forest resort called “Baltata”. The forest is habitat to a number rare animal species and has more than 250 varieties of plants.


Albena is purposely built sea resort, designed and constructed by the Bulgarian government. Its official opening took place in 1969. The designs of the hotels are presumed to be ultramodern for its time and offer remarkably sea views form the vast majority of the rooms.


Unlike the other flagships of the tourist industry-Sunny beach and Golden Sands, which were privatised after the fall of the communism hotel by hotel, Albena had a different fate. All the buildings, infrastructure and facilities of Albena were integrated in a company which was sold to Albena Invest, Bulgarian stock exchange listed company. The new owner kept the original concept of the resort and did not build or sold any properties to individual owners.


In terms of the property market, properties for sale in the Albena resort practically do not excites. The sales adverts that are listed as properties in Albena actually refer to a very limited number of apartments built behind the resort or some villas situated on the hills within 3-4 km from the sea.


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